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Atlas Marine Electronics from St.Petersburg in Russia is providing technical services in the field of marine navigation and communication equipment. 

We are authorized to install, commission and maintain the following equipment:

-Kelvin Hughes: MantaDigital VDR, MantaDigital S-VDR, MantaDigital Radar, MantaDigital ECDIS. Certificate VDR APT is valid till Feb 2021.


We have long history of relations with SAM Electronics and presently we are in continuos contact with WSAM based on WSAM's orders and TC, have valid cerificates of Wartsila SAM Electronics:

WSAM Electronics NACOS PLATINUM NAV, RadarPilot, Ecdispilot, Multipilot, Trackpilot, Conning, SVDR, VDR Deveg 4300, Nacos....


Below you can find actual spare parts list.

SAM products. Complete boxes with electronics:

-X band Gearbox GR3017 with scanner GR3004G150: 12.5 kW electronics, power supply 230V 1ph or 400V 3ph

-PC electronics GE3044 (assmbled motherboard, IMB, RSC, ARPA)

-Interconnection box VS3034 (interconnection pcb, Analog Interface GE3044G207 with RS422 SH3014G203, RGB GE3044G208).

-TFT monitor Hatteland JT19T02MMD with bracket and rollerball

-HDD ready for CP9330 (Lin 5 and Lin 9)

-AIS Debeg 3400

-belts for all gears and magnetrons MSF1425A

-Lyngsoe Marine GOS pc with Dual Stella net pcb


GPS Leica: MX421-10 GPS SMART; MX 420/2 display


Kelvin Hughes:

CAE-A30-7 (transmitter turning with Mk5), CAE-A13-2 1.8 m antenna, belts, bruches, assembled MDD motherboard


JRC: NKE-1052 (25 kW with motor SC-KF 220V) with scanner

Consilium: Array 6X 02R-052



Electronic connection box Anschutz 102-842 NG005

Operator Unit Anschutz 102-844 NG005

Distributor STD 20 Comp 110-224


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